Pam’s Pick: Urban Industrial

mix and match diffeerent styles of tile - urban industrial design

So you’ve decided to start that complete home overhaul. Where do you begin? Interior designer Nate Berkus once said, “Your home should tell the story of who you are, and be a collection of what you love.” While knowing what you love is a great place to start — it doesn’t give you an idea of what your options are.

This is why we decided to start Pam’s Pick at Cunningham Flooring Direct.

Pam Edwards is one of our all-star interior designers with a keen instinct for trends, and a eye for the detail that will bring a room together. Every other month moving forward, Pam will be selecting a trending interior design style to help inspire you, as you start to remodel or build your home.

Pam’s first pick?


This is a trending style that we’re starting to see catch on with consumers in the Northern Arizona area. Not only is the design popular with craft breweries and contemporary homeowners, it’s elements often crossover with classic Flagstaff staples.


The urban industrial look includes a wide range of material options from floor to ceiling. Here are some of Pam’s favorites:

•  Weathered and pickled woods for floors or walls
•  Vinyl plank for floors and walls
•  Brick-look tiles
•  Hexagon cement tile
•  Granite and Quartz for countertops and islands
•  Patterned carpets
•  Deco metallic or steel tiles

Distressed woods and texture are hallmarks of the urban industrial trend. Rough bricks and cement materials tie together otherwise disparate components in this versatile style.

Pam recommends muted and neutral colors that highlight the woods and stone-centered materials.”With this look I like black, steel greys, light blues, light greens, pale colorings, pale whites, creams,” Pam says.

Mix and Match patterned tiles - urban industrial design


The urban industrial trend is so versatile, and is complemented with colorful accents, unique textures, and standout features that liven up your home.

Outside of these accents, Industrial blends subtly into some rustic themes that might interact without throwing off the design, but traditionally, the key facets are strong enough on their own to allow for consistency throughout the building. Variations should be left to accents and selections of Quartz and Granite countertops.

That being said, a few flooring materials and wall components can clash with the urban industrial style. Pam suggests staying away from bright colors, shiny glass, flower decos, and travertines when incorporating this design.

metallic hexagon tiles - urban industrial design


At Cunningham Flooring Direct, you can find the right pieces for your dream industrial look within your budget. Pam has walked countless showroom visitors through alternatives, variations, and upgrades within a desired design all scaled to their budget.

Stay tuned for another of Pam’s picks. If you’re interested in how an urban industrial style would work in your home, stop by the Cunningham Flooring store to get comfortable, take control, and get floored!