Heather’s Choice: Traditional Layered Eclectic

White tile with black squares lies next to a gray granite countertop


I think it is important that most “styles” can be modified for the particular consumer’s application. Let’s face reality —  most of us do not live in a Pinterest or Houzz home.  As a decorator, I want to be able to take what I am seeing in those highly-stylized pictures and apply it to my local homeowner’s needs.

My picks for this month are consistent favorites: hardwoods — both classic and rustic — travertine, slate stone, and coordinating tile looks. Wool and synthetic carpets in solids and patterns. These traditional elements don’t get too far out on the fringe. I call it Traditional Layered Eclectic.


I like this particular style because it’s a traditional, eclectic look that can be easily modified — a layered look.

Traditional Layered Eclectic is something malleable, but at its heart, is a more traditional style. Most people love a certain look or feel but are really not sure how to capture the essence of it. Usually, all it takes are a few very small tweaks to get the idea across.


In a layered look like this, colors can be modified to your home, but mostly remain neutral with pops of accent colors. This makes creating looks for your home easy to change based on the season or occasion. We all know we can’t keep orange pumpkin pillows on our couches all year long even though we love fall looks.

Some colors that I like to use are neutral, but some people may shy away from: black, white, reds, and purples. These hues can give you bright optics in a neutral setting.

Moving into fall, common practice is to move directly to orange and black and red and green. In reality, there are a million combinations of colors and textures in your home currently that you can use. With a few pillows and flowers, a small table here, and a little paint there, your home can be transformed for the holidays with almost no effort at all.


I am a decorator at heart. Call it what you will: interior design, staging, organizing, or color coordination. I love to see what my client wants it to look like, what it really looks like, and then modify the look to be as close as possible to their dream vision.  Sure, we can change out all the flooring and counters, showers and kitchen tile, but at the end of the day, those drastic changes are not always necessary.


Some of my favorite design work involves taking a room with all the clients’ current elements, and restaging and decorating it. By modifying the arrangements, and spending say —  $100 to $200 on accessories — we end up with a totally different room. It’s incredible to see, and people love it.

As far a budget goes, I think as long as you know what you want to spend, and you are realistic about your expectations, most looks can be attained. There is something for everyone. People in the design world often talk about the “design on a dime” practice, and with this Traditional Layered Eclectic look, it is fully attainable.

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