10 Easy Design Tips to Make Your Home Cozier this Winter

Winter is right around the corner (or is it already here?) and your home should serve as your little slice of paradise. We aren’t talking about blasting the heater at 75 degrees or constantly feeding the fire; there’s a better way. “When you walk into your house, you should feel like it gives you a big hug,” Heather Cunningham, owner of Cunningham Flooring & design expert said when asked about decorating for the winter.

Here are our recommendations & interior design tips for transforming your home into a cozy winter paradise:

Start with the foundation:

1. Splurge a little on the furniture.

The initial investment might be a little hefty but, when you can, invest in high-quality furniture that will last for generations and from move to move. When you have classic, timeless furniture, the options for redecorating between seasons will be endless. Another tip: Opt-in for neutral colors so accent colors can be incorporated and swapped with the season.

Photo by Landmark Builders – Discover dining room design ideas.
A solid wood, dining room table is a staple that can easily be transformed with different chairs, table runners, centerpieces and seat cushions.

2. Change up your lighting

Softening up your lighting is a game changer (especially when the reflection of the sunlight bouncing off the snow has been blinding you all day). A warmer glow from a floor lamp or strategically placed firefly lights will trump the harsh, overhead lighting that has become quite standard in most homes and buildings. Swap the LEDs for something that’s tasteful and timeless. While it might take an initial investment to get the lighting you want, this change will add beauty (and value) to your home.

Warm light doesn’t mean your house must be dim. Here is a wonderful example of how to brighten a naturally dark hallway.

Firefly lights add a soft glow to any room and are nearly invisible during the day, unlike traditional string lights.

3. Think about the flooring

Hard flooring has been growing in popularity, but flooring is a big decision and should be selected based on your lifestyle, rather than on current trends. For example, it gets COLD here in Flagstaff and quite warm in Phoenix so you would expect to see a difference in flooring.

If your winters are cold, soft flooring might make sense for your family so your toes don’t freeze onto the tile or hardwood every morning. Maybe you like taking your shoes off at the door and sinking your feet into plush carpet that’s been warmed by the afternoon sun. We are here to help make those decisions based on your wants and needs but at the end of the day, it is all about what you and your family want to walk, leap, skip, lay, roll, shuffle and crawl on every day.

There’s nothing like a hardwood floor for natural beauty, warmth and ease of cleaning. Its distinctive grains and swirling burnished figures add a classic touch throughout your home. Hardwood’s rich character never goes out of style.

Laminate’s smartly balanced durability, good looks and value pricing means you can expand your decorating ideas without increasing your budget or sacrificing quality.

Ease of cleaning and durability make vinyl a top choice for wet and high traffic areas including kitchens, bathrooms, recreation areas, and other well-used rooms. In addition, vinyl is soft and warm underfoot.

The Easy Additions:

4. Play with Texture

This is an overarching theme for coziness found in both clothing and homes.

What about a little fur?
How about some embroidered pillows?

5. Pillows

Switching out your throw pillows will transform entire pieces of furniture for a very low cost.
Add a few “stand out” pillows that add a pop of color each season.
What about a little sparkle??

Make sure to experiment with fun options! Velvet and round?! Count us in.

6. Chunky Throws

Have these all over the house; draped over the arms of chairs, in woven baskets in the corner, on the back of the couch.

A beautiful addition to the bedroom set. Notice the neutral colors, trendy (and easily replaceable) rug and a strong piece of furniture in this design as well.

7. Pick a Pallet

Colors are responsible for the first visual information your brain will be receiving when you want through the front door. We want to begin the process of relaxation before you have all those layers hung up.

A neutral palette allows for a lot of options for playing with pops of color.
Rustic neutrals are a great option for winter.

8. Rugs

Rugs are easily the most versatile accessory for your flooring. Whether you have tile or carpet, throwing down a rug an efficient way to add color and texture. Go for something plush and maybe even furry this winter.

What about a little more fur?
You can add quite a bit of texture to a room with the use of a rug. Neutrals make it reusable for the whole year.

9. Scents

Scents are latched to memories and can be a powerful trigger to a peaceful mindset.

Diffusers can look good in your home and you can create a wide array of scents by combining essential oils.
Bonus: Candles also provide a warm glow that will assist with lighting.

 10. Quiet Space

Find an area in your home that you can make your quiet space. Get away from all the static around you. Winter can cause a quite a bit of stress with the holiday rush, driveway shoveling, and not to mention, winter break releases the kids back in your hands 24/7.

What you have in this quiet space depends on what functionality you want from it. Throw in some of those pillows and throws or a desk or some bean bag chairs or hang some hammocks.

What about a reading nook?
A cozy office space can lead to productivity or Pinterest browsing. It’s up to you.

Redecorating and designing your home for every and any season does not have to break the bank and you’ll have the best options by starting off with a good foundation. Those solid pieces of furniture, good lighting, and beautiful flooring will shine through every season.