9 Flooring and Design Trends for 2019

Tackling all of those New Year resolutions may seem like a daunting task but creating your Pinterest dream home will give you the motivation to get an early start every morning, enjoy your coffee in your beautiful kitchen or complete your wake-up stretches on the plush, new carpet in the living room.

We’ve put together a list of the top flooring and design trends in 2019 to help with your next interior design project – whether you’re making small changes, like adding a few houseplants, or tackling the bigger projects, like replacing your flooring (2019 is the year to do that, we promise). With many relevant trends popping up, there are a number of design options that are bound to fit your personal style and breathe a little life to your home.

Here are 9 flooring and design trends that you should look out for in 2019:


1. Texture

The importance of texture in design is going to be a pretty big deal in 2019. Velvet, embroidery, linen, corduroy, wool and tassels is a short list of texture found in fabric but we are quickly learning texture can be found everywhere…

A bench sitting in front of a white wall with a loosely knit blanket draped over it and a circular, feathered wall decoration.
This small seating nook is full of texture from different grains of wood, a throw and a statement wall piece.
A bedroom showcasing plant vines hanging on the white washed brick wall behind a bed that is on a colorful, striped rug.
Texture from the plants, throws, rugs and wall add an incredible amount of depth to this room.

2. Repurposing

A few years ago, thrifting became a normality in most households. Thrifting is a way to repurpose old materials into something cool and functional while being good for the environment. By taking something vintage repurposing it into something else, you will have a unique piece of decor that no one else can possibly have. This uniqueness and positive impact on the environment work hand in hand to become a growing trend that will easily continue through 2019.

Old suitcase that has been built into a table

Old, wooden crutches that have been repurposed into a triangular bookshelf

Brightly lit bedroom with woven baskets on the wall
Piles of woven baskets will be found in the corner of any thrift store and can add some nice texture to your walls.

3. Herringbone

The herringbone pattern is something you will find in most upgraded homes on the market today and will continue to grow for years to come because of its versatility.

White kitchen with floor tiles that create a zig-zag or herringbone pattern

4. Flooring

We have noticed a transition from carpet to hard flooring over the years and it looks like that trend is continuing into 2019.


The most up and coming flooring is, hands down, vinyl planking. Ease of cleaning and durability make vinyl a top choice for wet and high traffic areas including kitchens, bathrooms, recreation areas and other well-used rooms. In addition, vinyl is soft and warm underfoot and can look just like hardwood, at a fraction of the price.

Dark, vinyl flooring resembling hardwood flooring

Vinyl plank flooring that resembles hardwood flooring


Adding hardwood flooring to your home is a surefire way to increase its value – more than any other type of flooring. Expect a difference in the hardwood being installed in 2019 and the oak flooring in your grandparent’s home. Mixed mediums, fun patterns and a wide array of color options make hardwood more versatile than it ever has been.

Hardwood planks forming a zig-zag or herringbone pattern

Hexagon tiles meet hardwood flooring in kitchen


While tile is still a staple in most homes, it is breaking free from neutral and square and now taking on all sorts of shapes and colors. Light grout and dark tile, hand stamped pieces and hexagonal shapes will be found scattered across flooring.

A bathroom floor with small, hexagonal, glass tiles in very light green and blue
What about some small, hexagon, glass tiles? Adds texture and depth with a pop of color.

Flooring tiles in a zig-zag or herringbone pattern in a hallway

Bathroom with dark hexagonal tile flooring and light grout

Bright kitchen with patterned tile


With all of the innovations in hard flooring, carpet suppliers and manufacturers have taken note and are creating some amazing new options for soft flooring. Hard flooring can be loud and encourage a great amount of echo while soft flooring dampens sound in your home (and makes those cold winter mornings a little more enjoyable than cold hard flooring).

Child sitting on patterned carpet
Subtly patterned carpet will add a little excitement to your living room.
Hardwood stairs with herringbone carpet
A little bit of herringbone carpet on the stairs to soften up the hardwood.

5. Backsplash

The tile backsplash is making a comeback! Designers are taking advantage of the otherwise wasted space to add a little more creativity to a kitchen or a bathroom. An advantage of taking a risk on a backsplash is the fact that it will be the easiest portion of your kitchen or bathroom to remove and redesign if you get sick of it in a few years.

Black and white kitchen with white, hexagon backsplash

White and gray kitchen with small, marble, hexagon backsplash tile

Kitchen sink with tiled backsplash composed of different sized circles

Shower corner with marble, hexagon tiles

6. Distressed Barnwood

A naturally worn but versatile material has been discovered right under our noses – barnwood. Distressed barnwood is extremely easy to incorporate in most designs and home styles. You can add it in a clean-cut, white home or a retro, 70’s home. You can buy finished pieces of decor or DIY them yourself. The options are limitless.

White bedroom with an exposed wood ceiling with a support beam spanning across the room
This contrast between exposed barnwood and the cleanliness of the white decor seamlessly tie this beautiful bedroom together.

Triangle bookshelves made out of barnwood in different shapes and sizes on a wall

Sliding barn door made out of barnwood

7. Statement Vintage Furniture

With the combination of modernism and vintage pieces, 2019 is a year of trends that will outlive other years. These timeless and unique pieces will bring more of your style into your entire home.

White room with large, wrap-around, yellow, velvet couch and plants hanging from the ceiling
A timeless, vintage, crushed velvet will add texture and pops of color to your home.
Small, vintage, wooden side table with angular legs
This distinctly vintage shape is being reintroduced into furniture production lines, combining the vintage shape with modern hardware and color.

8. Plants Everywhere

Adding vegetation to your home is bigger than ever and we aren’t talking about fake plants that collect dust on the top of your fridge. Hanging plants, small trees, overflowing woven baskets of luscious green leaves spilling over your shelf is what we’re talking about. If you give them a little bit of love, plants will add color and life to every part of your home. The style, combined with the health benefits of keeping plants in your home, make this trend a no-brainer.

Large living area with a vine plant hanging in the background and two small tress in woven baskets

Fiddle Fig Leaf tree next to a dresser in a bedroom

Large terra cotta pot outside with succulents spilling out of the pot

9. Pops of Color

We are currently on the shift from grays and silvers to neutrals with pops of muted jewel tones. To some, this may seem a little risky and may be in the realm of being too “trendy” so we always suggest to start with a little and if you like it, add some more. Putting these pops of colors in items or in spaces that are easy to redesign later could also be the safer route to go in.

Vintage inspired dining room with green ceiling
Adding a pop of color to the ceiling will give the illusion of a larger space because it brings the eyes from the top of the room to the bottom. It will also assist guests in appreciating details that they may not have noticed at eye-level previously.
Modern bathroom with pastel pink tile behind double vanity
A pop of color in a simple bathroom adds great character.
Bright green kitchen with white cabinets and appliances
We would consider this a slightly more risky move but the colors work extremely well. With the simplicity of the Farmhouse sink, the natural light of the kitchen, the white cabinets and appliances, all the risk is found in the flooring and backsplash.

It happens too often where we let updates in our home go while investing in other things. Investing in your home will turn it into your little slice of paradise; something everyone wants and needs at the end of the day. Let’s make these design and flooring trends happen in your home this time around!