Deco Tile for Every Style

This July we are celebrating the beauty and uniqueness of art deco tile!

Deco tile has grown in popularity as interior designers have been moving away from adding texture and excitement to a home through dated wallpaper. Plus, it allows for a more permanent option with sharper edges, more versatility, and higher quality.

There are unlimited options when it comes to increasing the beauty of your home with deco tile and we promise there are options for every style.

Contemporary Style

Are you in love with sharp lines, stand-alone pieces and timeless beauty? We recommend tile with unique shapes or finish to complement the other beautiful pieces in your home. Dream up something amazing with some of our favorite contemporary deco tile designs.

Our Recommendations:

dark copper backsplash in kitchen
We love the depth of Black Swan mosaic from Elysium

What We’re Loving on Pinterest:

black tile paneling on an accent wall in a living room
Instead of painting your accent wall, try deco tile instead.
white geometric abstract kitchen backsplash
Deco tile is so versatile. We love this geometric kitchen backsplash.

Traditional Style

Deco tile offers the ability to bring a Victorian touch into your home with ease. We suggest opting for a pre-worn, stone looking tile or keep it clean with glossy tiles. Bring your own style in with the help of tile while tying it into the traditional pieces you already know and love.

Our Recommendations:

pearl mosaic tile by Elysium
Elysiums Alice Pearl Carrara mosaic tiles add a touch of elegance to any home.

What We’re Loving on Pinterest:

tan tile with elegant texture
We love this monotone tile for its subtle elegance.
white fireplace with tile accent
Give your fireplace a touch of elegance with a deco tile accent.

Shabby Chic Style

If upcycled, vintage pieces inspire you, don’t miss out on deco tile. A worn, mosaic option or crisp white to blend with your shabby pieces will add charming detail anywhere in your home.

Our Recommendations:

white deco tile by elysium
Elysium's Aether White tile will look great with your upcycled dining room table & chairs.

What We’re Loving on Pinterest:

light tile backdrop in a kitchen
This brick backsplash is chic and looks great with hardwood countertops.
moroccan white backsplash in a shabby kitchen
We love the way this moroccan tile backsplash looks with open shelves.

Mid-Century Modern Style

Something we firmly stand behind – mid-century modern will never go out of style. Enhancing its beauty with deco tile is something you won’t regret. Tile manufacturers everywhere are tuned into this timeless style and have a number of alternatives to add some spice to your interior. Some of our favorite designs transport us right into a cool, mid-century modern home, sitting in San Francisco.

Our Recommendations:

white glass subway tile
Elysium's subway tiles in polished white is traditional, with a twist. We love this look!

What We’re Loving on Pinterest:

rectangle white tiles with dark grout on a kitchen backdrop
This no-frills matte backsplash is an excellent choice for fans of mid-century modern's clean lines.
green rectangular shower tile
Straight and to the point, with a pop of color! We think this backsplash is gorgeous!

Minimalist Style

If you prefer a minimalist home interior, deco tile can provide an excellent option to mix in a crisp and clean design. Beautiful, simplistic tile can be just as interesting as a patterned selection. Here are some of our favorite deco tile design ideas that combine perfect simplicity with small eye-catching details.

Our Recommendations:

wavy matte white textured bathroom wall
Elysium's Leucothea Matte Wall tiles are the perfect accent for a minimalist design aesthetic.

What We’re Loving on Pinterest:

white glossy deco tile in a minimalist kitchen
These white clean tiles add an organic texture to this minimalist kitchen.
abstract white mosaic tile on an accent wall
Minimalist doesn't mean boring! We love the unique pattern of the tiles on this accent wall.

Bohemian Style

Bohemian brings effortless beauty into a home through organic shapes and materials. Compliment straw, wood, and neutral pottery effortlessly with pops of bold colored and patterned deco tile.

Our Recommendations:

blue scale mosaic tile by Elysium
This mermaid-inspired tile by Elysium would be great for any bathroom or pool!

What We’re Loving on Pinterest:

blue and orange patterned backsplash in kitchen
Be BOLD with a patterned tile in your home.
bohemian bathroom with subway tile and patterned floor
A simple deco tile adds a touch of elegance to this popular style.

Flagstaff Style

We believe contrasting, imitation wood and neutral deco tile is the formula for the classic Flagstaff interior. Add dark and dramatic tile anywhere in your home – around your wood stove, in the shower, as flooring, as your backsplash, we mean literally anywhere but make sure to add a little contrast. Adding some bright, white tile will give you a little pick-me-up in the dark winter and monsoon months. We have some of our favorite styles below but don’t hesitate to stop by get some knowledgeable opinions from Heather and Pam in the showroom!

Our Recommendations:

dark mosaic tile by Elysium
This dark mosaic tile by Elysium would look gorgeous in a Flagstaff mountain home.

What We’re Loving on Pinterest:

wood bench in a shower
We love the way this neutral deco tile really lets the wood accent shine!
faux wood tile shower
Wood in the shower? Yes! This imitation tile and stone floor are a great way to go for an authentic Flagstaff home.

There are hundreds of deco tile options available at our showroom! We’ll have something you need for your unique style, and we’d love to help you choose the best selection for your home! Visit our showroom for more options!