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Our mission is to provide quality, personalized flooring service that earns the trust and recommendation of our clients.  We never give up and never stop trying to be the very best in our specialty.”

The Story Of Cunningham Flooring Direct…

“My husband Mike, his brother Frank and sister in-law Lee Cunningham have been the benchmark for quality flooring in Flagstaff dating all the way back to 1972 – working hard to serve our community for over 40 years!  The first store was ‘Ed and Frank’s Carpet Barn.’  Now that’s pretty small town folksy, I would say.  Lee worked the showroom and Ed and Frank were the flooring installers. That first location was actually the white gas station on Country Club Drive that was recently torn down to build a new hotel and restaurant complex. Frank and Lee grew too large for the Carpet Barn location and moved to a new building on 7th Avenue, with the name “Cunningham Interiors.”

Many Flagstaffians probably remember the 7th Avenue location.  Unfortunately, it was really rather small and made it difficult to meet the obligations of properly helping our customers, at least in a way that was up to our standards.  A second location was opened just down the street in a new building on Lakin Drive, with the name ‘The Carpet Warehouse.’  Thanks to the support of the Flagstaff community and the fine builders and contractors who supported Cunningham’s Interiors and The Carpet Warehouse, both locations thrived.

In 1995, my husband Mike and I took over the Carpet Warehouse.  The facility was dramatically upgraded from a warehouse concept to a full line flooring store and showroom, representing much more than just carpet.  We teamed up with Flooring America to create the largest co-op of flooring stores in the county, and to reflect that we updated the name and business model to ‘Carpets of Dalton Flooring America.’  My husband Mike has now been President and CEO of Carpets of Dalton Flooring America for 20 years.  I have been the Lead Interior Designer through most of that time, and assumed the role of Manager in addition to Lead Designer in 2015.

In 2017, we felt is was time to evolve again to better meet the demands of our customers, and to allow the company to do what it does best!  So, we decided to change the operation, pull away from the Co-op with Flooring America, and rebrand the company to ‘Cunningham Flooring Direct.’  I think you will find it refreshing that when you come to Cunningham Flooring Direct, you will be working with the best design professionals with the broadest product selection, a magnificent showroom, and the lowest prices in town!

We recently added a fantastic new partner and interior design specialist, Pamela Edwards, to help our customers select the perfect flooring products for their home.  I am also able to now focus 100% of my time and ability on the purpose of helping our customers find the absolute best flooring, countertops and tile products possible.  With the largest showroom in Northern Arizona and the broadest selection of the very best flooring products, we are ready to help our wonderful customers!

We carry carpet, hardwood, tile and more from a wide variety of flooring manufacturers.  Whether customers are looking for more affordable flooring from great value companies, or top of the line brands such as Karastan or Surface Art, we’ve got what they’re looking for, and we’d love to help them find it!  We pride ourselves on the fact that know our flooring products – color, texture, quality, durability–  and we are not afraid to tell you everything you want to know about them, without bias.  We are not aligned with any manufacturer and have no vested interest toward one.  Our primary goal is simply to give you the best product at the best price.

With our new business model, we no longer do installations ourselves; however, Cunningham Flooring Direct will introduce you to the best flooring installers Flagstaff has to offer.  These are true professionals; who we feel confident will get the job done right, and we are proud to associate the Cunningham name with.  

Because of Cunningham Flooring Direct’s comprehensive focus on great flooring product, our Flagstaff and Northern Arizona customers will receive, bar none, the highest quality product at the lowest possible price.  Come in and see for yourself! Thank you for 45 years of serving our fabulous Flagstaff, Sedona, and Northern Arizona communities – we hope to see you soon!”

–  Heather Cunningham,  President & Lead Designer

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