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Heather Cunningham  |  Owner, Interior Design Specialist

As an owner, I pride myself on being able to do most anything that needs done, including scrubbing the toilets.

Years with the Company

Why Did We Open a Flooring Store in Flagstaff? My husband, Mike, and I were looking for something to call our own, and the opportunity presented itself, so we grabbed it. It’s funny because I don’t think I had ever been in a flooring store before we moved to Flagstaff and opened our own store and flooring showroom. 
We sold our cars, house, furniture, and moved west in just 2 weeks. It all happened pretty fast. In hindsight we were crazy.

What I Think Sets Us Apart:  The same thing that has always set us apart, we really try to personalize every sale, we are genuinely concerned about our clients and that they are happy with their purchase.

What I like to Do When I’m Not Working:  I love to read, and when I finally relax, I love to paint, draw & take photos. I also really enjoy decorating and staging. I like to boat and 4-wheel. And I love to hike with my Doberman pincher. And most of all hanging with my incredible family at the beach!

Pam Edwards  |  Interior Design Specialist

Years with the Company: 3

What I Like About Working Here:  It is always something new, each customer has their own individual wants and needs.  I have the ability of taking someone’s dreams and turn them into realities.  It is a really satisfying job knowing how happy your customers are with the look of their homes.  We are more than a catch phrase, we really are the place that friends send friends.

What I Think Sets Us Apart:  We have built a solid reputation as a company here in Flagstaff.  WE have an amazing show room filled with 1000’s of products to match customer’s needs.  If we don’t have it, we can get it!

What I Like to Do When I’m Not Working:  Live music venues, dancing, weekend jaunts, riding quads, motor cycles.

Terri Mosely  |  Controller

Years with the Company: 14

What I Like About Working Here:  It’s like a family. Even our customers are treated like family!

What I Think Sets Us Apart:  We have some really awesome interior designers, and pride ourselves on our great customer service. 

What I Like to Do When I’m Not Working:  Crafting, Volunteer work with United Way, American Cancer Society and the San Francisco de Asis Catholic Charities.

Tori Cortez  |  Merchandising & Social Media

What I Like About Working Here:  I love the people! I also like the friendly environment and the beautiful showroom. Mike and Heather treat their employees with the respect we deserve.

What I Think Sets Us Apart:  Cunningham’s is a family owned business and we cater to each customers personal needs.

What I Like to Do When I’m Not Working:  Fashion, snowboarding, blogging, beach trips, and traveling or exploring new places. 

Trenten Cunningham  |  Shipping & Receiving

Years with the Company: I am a family member, I have been here forever…
What I Like About Working Here:  I love to run the fork lift! I also like doing the hands-on work and getting to meet new people every day. 

What I Think Sets Us Apart:  I like the fact that we are locally and family owned. You’re a person here, never a number.

What I Like to Do When I’m Not Working:  Reading, writing, playing my guitar, video games and learning new things everyday!

Michael Cunningham  |  Flooring Sherpa

I have served as President and CEO of Carpets of Dalton Flooring America for the over 20 years, since it’s opening 1995.  I now have over 35 years of experience (Wow – time flies when you’re having fun!) in the flooring business from every aspect, whether installing, selling, or helping to choose the right product to meet a client’s needs.  Carpets of Dalton has earned distinction and has been named Best Flooring store in Flagstaff each of the last 14 years – and we aim to not only keep that title, but to go above and beyond the expectations of our customers and community under our new identity as Cunningham Flooring Direct.

What I Think Sets Us Apart: We have always prided ourselves on being able to provide each customer with the best quality product for the best possible price, while offering customer service that you can only really get from a small, family owned business.  Now that we have ended our Co-op with Flooring America, I think we will be able to be even more flexible and adaptable to our customers.

Other interests:  I love spending time with my family, whether at home, at the beach or on the boat! We try to have fun whenever we can.

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